If you’re looking to update your home decor, False Ceiling Design For Hall are a great option as they are currently trending and can add a touch of modern elegance to any room. False Ceiling designs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They are both available in simple and modern styles.Getting an eye-catching false ceiling at your home depends on the function and desired ambience so that it matches the overall interior style. Here are some simple and modern false ceiling designs for the living space of your home.



1. Wooden False Ceiling Design For Hall

Wooden False Ceiling Design

If you’re looking for a low-budget false ceiling you can go for a wooden false ceiling design for the living room. You can also add PVC, lights, and Jhoomer along with wooden sheets. This simple false ceiling design will transform the living space into a more classy one. For more clarity, have a look at the picture.

2. Profile lighting for living

Profile lighting

Profile lighting is the best option to give your bedroom a modern look with a simple and cost-effective design.

These lights have the option to control and manage the brightness of the light. Hence, they’re great for lighting up the bedroom space.

3.False Ceiling Design For Hall with Hanging Lights

False Ceiling Design with Hanging Lights

False Ceiling Designs with hanging lights give an ultra-modern look to your living space. To give a more glowing and stylish look, go with the combination of white and golden lights keeping a silvery base.

They add weight to the ceiling and with their eye-catching appeal they leave a lasting impression on all who see it.

4. Modern false ceiling designs with an extended panel

ceiling designs with an extended panel

If you are the one who wants to give a modern and premium look to your home, this design would suit your interests best. You can add extended panel along with strip lights of your choice. Anyone who is a fan of modern and unique designs will fall in love with this bedroom’s false ceiling. Just look at it…isn’t it lovely?

5. Coffered Ceiling with Wooden Beams

Coffered Ceiling with Wooden Beams

If you are thinking of giving a classier look to your room in your house, a coffered ceiling with wooden beams is a great way to do it.

These simple designs give a very beautiful and classy look to the flat ceilings. Also, they are cost-effective and easy to maintain.

6. Asymmetrical False Ceiling Design

Asymmetrical False Ceiling Design

If you’re the one who finds asymmetry in your life a bit attractive and classy, I would suggest going with this design. It gives a unique look to the false ceiling by adding random shapes and designs.

7. Layered False Ceiling Design

Layered False Ceiling Design

Layered ceiling designs are getting more popular nowadays. These designs are the perfect choice for large rooms with high ceilings. The higher center of the ceiling can be used to add a Jhoomer or a ceiling fan, which will add more beauty to this kind of false ceiling design.

8. Square False Ceiling Design For Hall

Square False Ceiling Design for the Hall

This is one of the most commonly used false ceiling designs in everybody’s home which are not that complicated. Being very simple, you can give a variety of finishes the way you like it. You can also add LED lighting along the ceiling to give a more appealing look.

Overall, the Square-shaped ceiling design is a modern and budget-friendly option for your hall. So, I would suggest to go with this!

9. False Ceiling with Strip Lights and Wooden Panels

False Ceiling with Strip Lights

If you’re someone who wants to give both a classy plus modern touch to the drawing room in your house, this design would surely put an end to your hustling search.

Wooden panels with modern strip lights will give a simple yet modern look to your living space. It’s important to choose the right strip lights such as yellow or white to give a more premium look. Check out the image below for inspiration on a modern false ceiling design that is both cost-effective and stylish.

 10. Zig Zag POP False Ceiling Design

Zig Zag POP False Ceiling Design

If you’re running out of time and want to give a premium look to your bedroom, with a simple and budget-friendly option, the Zig-Zag POP false ceiling design is the best option to go with.

Just look at the picture…looks beautiful, right?

11. L Shape False Ceiling Design

L Shape False Ceiling Design

If you already have a rectangular false ceiling in your room and looking for a makeover or have made up your mind to go for the same, L-shaped false ceilings would satisfy your needs. Depending upon your budget, you can choose the design incorporating single or double L designs to your ceiling. You can also add LED lights along the ceiling to enhance the overall look.

 12. Circular False Ceiling Design

Circular False Ceiling Design

Circular False Ceiling Design For Hall can never go wrong whether you’re looking for your living room, dining room, or the hall of your home.

It gives a center-appealing look to the living space drawing everyone’s attention upwards.

Adding a Jhoomer in the center of the circular false ceiling design gives a mesmerizing look to your room or hall.This false ceiling design would look best in the hall of your room.

13. LED Lights False Ceiling Design

LED Lights False Ceiling Design

This modern design is perfect for people who prefer low and colorful lighting in their rooms. You can give an ultra-modern look to your existing false ceiling design or the new one with LED Lighting. LED lights are perfect for false ceiling installations due to their bare minimum maintenance and longevity.

Why False Ceiling Design For Hall is BEST??

We have covered almost all Top False Ceiling Designs trending on boom nowadays. But now the very basic question arises, Why a false ceiling??

Even our simple rooftop ceiling looks good and fine, we can also add nice colors to our walls to give a more refined look. Right?? So, here you go…with all the reasons to have the best false ceiling design in the rooms of your home. I’m sure the next thing you’re going to do with your savings is have a beautiful false ceiling of your choice in your living space.


    • False Ceilings add more beauty to your home, elevating ordinary décor to a more stylish one. It changes the overall look of your home interior.


    • False Ceilings have thermal insulating properties which help in regulating room temperature. They help to cool your room and reduce excessive heat.


    • False Ceiling Design For Hall gives a modern and lavish appearance, enhancing the overall look of the hall space.


    • False Ceiling Designs require low maintenance. Materials like PVC are affordable, easy to clean, and moisture-resistant, making them very easy to handle.

Final Words on False Ceiling Design For Hall

If you have come this far reading this blog, I hope you have almost made up your mind about a beautiful false ceiling to add to your living space very soon. All you need is a few positive words to give a final push to go with your decision. Here you go… We all know Home is the place where we feel the happiest, safest, and most comfortable. You never go wrong with your home vibe.Even we always want to add a bit more to our homes in every aspect to make it complete because it’s our home where we feel Complete!!

So, what are you waiting for? Go look up to your home interior designer who will suggest the best false ceiling design matching the functional requirements of your space. You can highlight its beauty by experimenting with false ceiling textures, colors, and patterns. In the end, it’s your home, your space, make it the way you want it.


FAQs About False Ceiling Design For Hall

Q1. Which false Ceiling Design is best for the Pooja Room?

Ans. Divine whites, as white have the power of positivity. Also, add Jaali panels and LED lights or spotlights.

Q2. Which False Ceiling is best for home theatre?

Ans. Black and white color combination with LED lights in square or extended panels.

Q3. What are the simple false ceiling designs for a home?

Ans. Profile lighting, Carved borders, and multi-layered false ceiling designs.

Q4. Which type of false ceiling is best, PVC or Gypsum?

Ans. Gypsum Ceilings are more durable and cost-effective. You can also go with PVC if you have a nice budget.

Q5. What is the cost of a gypsum false ceiling?

Ans. Gypsum is quite affordable, it’s around 75 to 85 rupees per sqr. ft. with GST.

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