If you are moving into a new house and are planning to design it yourself or with the help of an interior designer, Vastu is one of the important things to keep in mind. For a house to become a home, it must have a certain energy because the person living in the house comes under the influence of that energy.

Importance of Vastu

We live in this modern world, where everything revolves around logic and practicality, but being modern does not mean that you stop believing in the science of positive energy and alignment. Vastu Shastra is not an out-dated traditional practice but it ensures that homes are abundantly filled with the right kind of energy to bring prosperity and better life.

Following these tips you can ensure that your house is a peaceful and happy place.

Vastu for the Main Entrance

The main door vastu is the most important as it is not only the entrance of the house but also the energy and vibes. The main door should always be in the north, east or north-east direction. Make sure to keep the entrance neat and clean and avoid installing shoe rack or dustbin outside the entrance.

For the Living Room

Living room is where most of the activity takes place in the house. It should be clutter free as it makes the first impression of the house. Also, it should face north, east or north-east keeping the furniture in the west or south-west direction of the living room.

Vastu for the Pooja Room

Vastu for the Pooja Room

East and north-east directions are considered to be ideal for a pooja room,decorated with white and yellow color options for the wall.

Vastu for the Kitchen

Kitchen should be built in the south-east corner of the home. Appliances like the stove should also be kept in the south-east direction. Avoid northeast and southwest directions while creating a kitchen.


Balconies should also be constructed in the north, east or north-east corner of the home. The wash basin and toilet area should be in the east, north and north east part of the bathroom according to Vastu.

Summing Up – Vastu Tips for your New Home

According to a number of traditional beliefs, each home comes with its own energy. Vastu compliance can make all the difference in your home vibes, ensuring the right kind of energy to make your living surroundings filled with peace, positivity and prosperity.

We at Accurate Realty work together to serve our customer’s needs at its best. We are known for our commitment to our customers in providing their Dream Homes, Work Spaces, and everything in between. Also, we understand that it is difficult for the builders to ensure that the houses they build are vastu compliant. Therefore, here at Accurate Realty, we offer Vastu Services for various corners of your house including the main entrance, living room, pooja room, and bathroom area.

If you believe in Vastu and are planning on buying a new house, please reach out to us to make every corner of your home compliant.

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